Bogdan Comanita, Ph.D., MBA


Market Research, Fine and Speciality Chemicals

Dr. Bogdan Comanita has been involved with the green chemicals market since the early 2000’s when he joined the turn-around team of the largest furfural derivatives producer in the world. Building on the strengths of the legendary Quaker Oats Chemicals brands (QO®) Bogdan started from scratch global markets such as biobased Viridisol® M (2-methyltetrahydrofuran), the fastest growing green solvent market in the pharma industry. In the process, Bogdan crafted global marketing agreements, collaborated with leading advertising agencies and represented company and industry interests on the Capitol Hill. He subsequently spearheaded successful business development initiatives for Apotex Fermentation Inc., a subsidiary of Canada’s largest pharmaceutical company, with more than 10% share of the US fermentation market. Bogdan realized that the company bottlenecks shifted quickly from production to markets as they achieved production goals. This is why he founded MarketChemica Inc., a strategic market research agency specializing in the collection and processing of global market intelligence for the renewable chemicals industry. MarketChemica provides the most accurate assessment of market potential for existing or planned chemical products to mid-cap chemical enterprises in the EU and US. Bogdan’s presence on the LEC team ensures that technical assessments will be supported by the critical market reality-check required for due diligence projects we are involved with.   Contact Bogdan