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Cellulosic Ethanol Expert

What do cellulosic ethanol experts or consultants do?  Unlike ethanol, which is produced by the fermentation of sugars with yeast, or by some petrochemical process, cellulosic ethanol is an ethyl alcohol produced from cellulose (i.e. the stringy fiber of a plant), as opposed to the plant’s seeds or fruit.  Cellulosic ethanol is a biofuel produced from grasses, wood, algae, or other plants.  Unlike ethanol, however, these […]

Equipment Requirements to Study Mixing of Fibrous Materials

by Gregory T. Benz Introduction There are many sources of organic fibers that can be used as feedstock for biofuels and renewable chemicals. The author has tested many lignocellulosic materials for fluid flow and mixing characteristics. Examples include corn stover, ground wood, switchgrass, various types of cane, beet pulp, paper mill waste, municipal solid waste […]

Biofuels Expert

What does a biofuel expert do? Biofuels are a replacement for petroleum-derived fossil fuels.  They are derived from biomass and made via processes that meet lifecycle requirements to meet the definition so reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  There are currently three generations of biofuels,  the first generation is from sugar derived from food crops like corn and includes ethanol and ethanol along with fuels derived from further […]

A Short History of Biofuels

Introduction In the modern world, fuels are often equated with fossil fuels:  coal, oil and natural gas.  However, fossil fuels only came into their own during the 20th century.  From the time of the caveman until the early Industrial Revolution, biofuels – namely wood and the advanced biofuel of the day, charcoal – reigned supreme.  […]