Biotech Manufacturer, Ontario, Canada

“Lee Enterprises Consulting offers clients single-point, comprehensive access to a team of world-class bioenergy industry experts.” 

Attorney in Renewable Litigation

“Thank you. We could not have been more pleased with [Expert’s] help. He was exactly what we needed”.

Plastic Waste Company

“We engaged Lee Enterprises to conduct technology due diligence and do a techno-economic evaluation for us. They did the project well and got it done in record time.”

Fire Safety Institute

“We engaged Lee Enterprises to evaluate a combustion issue for us and they did a very thorough and professional job. Their report helped us to identify a path for future combustion studies and provided a thorough account on current empirical data.”

Canadian Municipality

“We engaged Lee Enterprises to do a pre-feasibility study of a value-added wood process with a commercial partner. Their team of consultants – including two from Canada – provided a comprehensive, detailed preliminary review of the technology, economics, and market, including some solid recommendations for implementation. Our entire group was impressed with the professionalism and collegial working relationships, and we would be very glad to work with them again.” 

Multinational Engineering, Design and Project Management Firm

“We hired Lee Enterprises Consulting to help us prepare our IP protection plan and patent application. LEC exceeded our expectations, providing technology and market insight to identify further areas where our technology could be utilized, broadening the scope of our patent application.”

Plastics Recycling Company

“Thanks for the great model and quick iterations.  We are very happy with the deliverables and are thinking of asking for your help to model out our future processes”.

Life Cycle Analysis Co., San Francisco, CA

“Lee Enterprises Consulting offers clients access to a broad range of experts with backgrounds in all of the necessary aspects of getting bio projects off the ground.” 

Renewable Energy Attorney, Washington, D.C.
regular customer

“Lee Enterprises Consulting comprises a one-stop solution to the most critical bioeconomy needs through it’s tightly managed base of nearly 140 professionals and firms providing assistance from technology and project development, to engineering, financing, and construction execution, to negotiating and drafting all required legal documentation, to state and federal regulatory compliance, to everyday management support.” 
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Attorney Using LEC Expert Witness

“Thanks again for your insights and attention to detail on this case. Your help has been invaluable”.

Market Assessment with Overview of Feedstock Availability and Demand

“The cost of the engagement with Lee Enterprises Consulting was less than budgeted and the work was done in a highly professional and timely manner.  We would be happy to work with them again and certainly trust their advice and judgement.”

Feasibility Study & Business Plan for Wood Process

“The results of our Feasibility Study drove our decision to move forward with the next phase. Our decision to extend the contract with Lee Enterprises Consulting to study expanding an existing facility, followed by a full Business Plan, was based on their knowledge, the methodology used in the process, and the professional manner that our team was treated”.

Biomass Power Generation – Rice Hulls

“We contracted Lee Enterprises to evaluate the feasibility of a rice hulls to power project for us. They provided us the expertise and deep industry knowledge we needed. They did a very thorough and professional job and we were very satisfied with their work. We will work with them in the future.”

Government Contractor – Synthetic Biology Production Support

“From a subcontracts perspective, it has been a pleasure working with LEC.  All requests were responded to and completed in a timely fashion.  Our interactions with them were courteous and professional.”

Techno Economic Analysis for Soybean Processing

“We have very much enjoyed working with Lee Enterprises Consulting and appreciated the attention to detail and positive attitude throughout the work.  We have additional work we are considering to have you perform for us”.  

LCFS for Renewable Diesel Plant

“I sought a validation report from a recognized organization that has experience with LCFS program in California that would pertain to the feedstocks that we plan to use in our renewable diesel plant.  Your expert wrote the report and did a great job for us. I have and will continue to recommend your company”. (Renewable Diesel Plant)

Business Development Analyst- Synthetic Biology Company

“We hired Lee Enterprises Consulting to help prepare revenue projections of offtake agreements for refined anaerobic digester biogas including an assessment of future RIN and LCFS credit values to meet California Energy Commission grant requirements. LEC exceeded our performance expectations, working well with all parties involved and providing the reports meeting CEC requirements.”

Trade Secret Litigation Attorney

“We retained two Lee Enterprises Consulting experts in a federal case. We were able to reach an extraordinary result that would not have occurred absent their diligent work. “

Capital Finance Group – Evaluation of PHA Production, Markets, & Expansion Plans

“ Your team did a great job for us as we continue underwriting this transaction.  Your team’s ability to identify areas of concern in yield achievement and cost expectations for the expansion were very helpful.  Thanks again for the great work”.

Commercial Attorney in Biomass Dispute

“The expert did a very nice job for our team.   The overseas client watched his testimony live and was impressed.”

Renewable Diesel Developer

“Your team of experts was impressive and met our needs in a timely fashion.  We used the information from your report to reassure our local elected officials about our project.  This contributed to successfully securing all local approvals necessary for our industrial tax exemption application.”