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[04/2018]  Lee Enterprises Consulting Adds Loan, Grant, Loan Guarantee & Lobbying Experience to Team

[03/2018]  Lee Enterprises Adds Former Secretary of Navy to Team of Consultants

[01/2018]  Lee Enterprises Adds Three New Consultants

[12/2017]  Lee Enterprises Adds Five New Practice Groups

[11/2017]  Lee Enterprises Adds Renewable Chemicals and Valuations Experts

[10/2017]  Series Forth Coming On Financing Bioeconomy Projects

[05/2017]  Lee Enterprises Consulting Adds Waste-To-Energy Expert

[05/2017]  Lee Enterprises Consulting Opens New Litigation Support/Expert Witness Division

[11/2016]  Lee Enterprises Adds New Consultants in Five Divisions

[10/2016]  Lee Enterprises Consulting Adds Five to Renewable Chemicals Division

[10/2016]  Lee Enterprises Consulting Celebrates 21st Anniversary

[09/2016]  Lee Enterprises Appoints Mark Farrer to Head Biodiesel Division

[09/2016]  Lee Enterprises Adds Biogas/AD Division

[08/2016]  Lee Enterprises Adds Renewable Chemicals Section

[06/2016]  Lee Enterprises Adds Renowned Biomass to Energy Expert

[05/2016]  Lee Enterprises Adds Experts in Biogas, Microwave Energy, Hazardous Waste Processing and Anaerobic Digestion

[03/2016]   Lee Enterprises Consulting’s V.P. Publishes Comprehensive Pryrolysis Technology Paper

[05/2016}  Lee Enterprises Consulting Adds Experts in Biogas, Anaerobic Digestion, Microwave Energy, and Hazardous Waste Processing

[03/2016]  Lee Enterprises Executive VP Publishes Comprehensive Pyrolysis Technology Paper

[02/2016]  Lee Enterprises Consulting Adds Expert to Emerging Technologies Team

[07/2015] Lee Enterprises Consulting Adds Top Alternative Fuels Financial Consultant

[07/2015] Lee Enterprises adds Zeton Inc. to its Strategic Alliances

[06/2015] Lee Enterprises Consulting Adds Dr. Hugh McLaughlin to its Emerging Technologies Group

[11/2014] Alternative Fuels Consulting Group Adds Experts in Biomass, Pyrolysis and Waste to Energy

[01/2014] Lee Enterprises Consulting Adds Six New Consultants

[04/2013] Lee Enterprises and ICM, Inc. form Strategic Alliance

[03/2013] Murex and Lee Enterprises form Strategic Alliance

[02/2013] Lee Enterprises Adds New Biodiesel Plant Oversight Expert

[01/2013] Lee Enterprises Adds Waste-to-Energy Expert

[10/2012] Lee Enterprises Adds Military Expert

[09/2012] Lee Enterprises Adds Maritime Expert

[07/2012] Lee Enterprises Adds Emerging Feedstock/Biobutanol Expert

[07/2012] Lee Enterprises Adds Forestry Bioproducts Consultant

[07/2012] Lee Enterprises Adds Expert to Head Native American Projects

[05/2012] Lee Enterprises Adds Wind Consulting Group to Team

[04/2012] Lee Enterprises Adds Solar Group to Consulting Team

[03/2012] Lee Enterprises Adds Amy Mills, MBA, JD as Newest Grant Writer

[02/2012] Lee Enterprises forms Strategic Alliance with Leading  Health, Safety & Environmental Group

[12/2011] Lee Enterprises Forms Strategic Alliance With FC Stone

[05/2011] Lee Enterprises Forms Strategic Alliance with IMA Insurance Group

[05/2011] Lee Enterprises Forms Stategic Alliance with Christianson & Associates Accountants

[05/2011] Lee Enterprises Announces Sale of Biodiesel Plant

[04/2011] Lee Enterprises Adds ASA Accredited Appraiser

[04/2011] Lee Enterprises Adds Senior Level Government Consultant to Team