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[06/2022]       What Feedstocks Will Meet Renewable Diesel Demand?

[02/2022]      Applying for Commercial-Scale Bio Funding

[11/2021]        Hemp Biofuel:  A Viable Option for Airlines?

[07/2021]       Due Diligence in Bioeconomy Projects (Recorded Webinar)       

[05/2021]       Anaerobic Digesters in Farm & Ranch Operations

[04/2021]      Biomass to Sugar Conversion Mechanisms      

[03/2021]      Biochar v. Activated Carbon

[02/2021]      8 Key Federal Resources Supporting Anaerobic Digestion

[02/2021]      Wildlife Issues in Bioeconomy Projects  (Recorded Webinar)

[02/2021]      E-Fuels and Low Carbon Fuel Standard  (Recorded Webinar)

[02/2021]      Leveraging Your Bioeconomy fuels Project with Government Funding (Recorded Webinar)

[01/2021]      Functional Challenges & Opportunities for CBD External Rubs

[12/2020]     Offtake Agreements – Connecting Hemp Growers with Buyers 

[12/2020]     Reducing Risk in Hemp Biomass Management (Part 2) 

[11/2020]     Reducing Risk in Hemp Biomass Management (Part 1) 

[11/2020]     Industrial Hemp Production (Part 2): Pest Management & Wildlife Considerations

[11/2020]     Industrial Hemp Production (Part 1):  Cultivation & Management 

[10/2020]    2020 Overview of Cannabis Ballot Measures

[10/2020]    Lee Enterprises Consulting Celebrates 25th Anniversary

[08/2020]   An Oil Man Reflects on Biofuels

[07/2020]   Transitioning to the New BioRefining Era & Future Vision for Ethanol Plants

[04/2020]   Can Techno Economic Analysis & Environmental Impact Analysis Help You?

[04/2020]   Federal Programs & Resources to Support the Bioeconomy

[04/2020]   Four New Opportunities for Ethanol Facilities

[03/2020]   Federal Programs Supporting Demonstration of Concept

[03/2020]   Multi Slide Guide to R&D For Biofuels and Biochem

[02/2020]   Scale Up of Industrial Fermentation Processes

[02/2020]   Biofuels Co-Products:  From the Other Side

[01/2020]   Multi-Slide Guide to Design Realities for AD Systems

[01/2020]   Top Cannabis Consulting Groups

[01/2020]   Multi-Slide Guide to Maximizing Anaerobic Digester Output

[12/2019]    Industrial Biotech:  Begin with the End in Mind?

[11/2019]    The Role of Chemical Recycling in Waste Management

[09/2019]   Lee Consulting Adds More Staff

[06/2019]   Go or No Go? Due Diligence for Bioeconomy Projects

[06/2019]   Lee Enterprises Consulting Adds Four New Experts

[05/2019]   Pushing Plants Harder Reduces Costs More Than We Thought

[04/2019]   The Compelling Case for BioJet Fuels

[04/2019]   Biogas Production, Treatment & Utilization

[03/2019]   Due Diligence for Emerging Technologies

[03/2109]   Biomass Conversion Agitation

[03/2019]   Pilot Plants in the Bioeconomy

[03/2019]   Biomass Torrefaction

[03/2019]   Hedging Ethanol Production

[03/2019]   U.S. China Trade War Effects on Biofuels

[03/2019]   Biomass to Synthetic Natural Gas

[02/2019]   Cellulosic Ethanol

[02/2019]   Biomass Gasification

[02/2019]   Ethanol in U.S.

[02/2019]   Biomass & Non-Recyclable Plastic to Liquid Fuel

[02/2019]   The Expert Witness In Bioeconomy Litigation

[02/2019]   Biogas Conversion

[02/2019]   Biochar Status Report 2019

[02/2019]   Gas to Liquid Fermentation

[02/2019]   Bio-based Specialty Chemicals

[02/2019]   Bio-Process Scale-Up

[02/2019]   Biochar Based Activated Carbon

[02/2019]   Agricultural Biomass:  A Guide to Ag Waste and Purpose Grown Crops

[02/2019]   Auctions and Plant Sales in the Bioeconomy

[02/2019]   Consumer Values Drive Demand for the Bioeconomy Specialty Chemicals

[01/2019]    2018 State of the Bioeconomy

[12/2018]    Hedging Ethanol Production

[11/2018]    Hiring an Expert Witness in Bioeconomy Litigation

[09/2018]   Waste Accumulation Problems & Opportunities

[07/2018]    How to Win the Public Policy Debate – and the Annual Government Agency Funding Battles – for the Bioeconomy

[05/2018]    The Energy 202 Live: Experts Discuss Energy Challenges Facing America

[05/2018]    Admiral McGinn on Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal

[04/2018]    Isobutanol:  Now on the Radar for USA

[03/2018]   Extraction of Valuable Oils from Algae & Other Green Plants

[03/2018]   Innovators Dilemma – Industrial Biotech Reshaping Chemicals & Materials Through Biology

[03/2018]   Natural Rubber A Viable Industrial Bioeconomy Crop

[03/2018]   The New Economics of Biogas Projects

[03/2018]   Vastly Improve Biogas Production with Mixed Feedstocks in Anaerobic Digesters

[02/2018]   4 Minutes with CEO, Wayne Lee

[02/2018]   Biorefineries:  Our Synthetic Biology Future

[02/2018]   That Was Then.  This is Now.  The New Economics of Biogas Projects

[02/2018]   Natural Rubber:  Viable Industrial Bioeconomy Crop, It’s Going to Be Big

[02/2018]   10 Years After:  Advanced Biofuels Status, Opportunities and Challenges

[02/2018]   Innovators Dilemma Revisited in Renewable Chemicals and Materials

[02/2018]   Algae Biofuel Industry Resilience In A Low Priced Crude Oil Environment

[02/2018]   Advanced Biofuels. Now? Later? Never?

[01/2018]   Case Study:  1 MW to 3 MW Anaerobic Digester Upgrade in Only 6 Months!

[01/2018]   Extraction of Valuable Oils from Algae:  Challenges, Opportunities & Commercial Landscape

[01/2018]   State of the Bioeconomy 2018 – an 8 part series

[01/2018]   Biomass Fed Chemical Projects 2017

[10/2017]   Back to Basics: Effect of D/T Ratio on Agitator Power for Flow Applications

[08/2017]  The Expert Witness in Biofuels and Biochemical Litigation

[08/2017]  Market Value Algae Biomass Productivity For Oil to Other High Value Products

[08/2017]  Methanol and the Bioeconomy

[08/2017]  Advanced Fermentation Agitation with Methanotrophs and Other Organisms

[07/2017]  How to Make Lends Love Your Construction Contract

[07/2017]  Celebrating Canada’s 150th:  A Short History of the Biofuel Industry in Canada

[06/2017]  Biomass Pyrolysis Comes of Age

[06/2017]  Biogas – What, Why, When & How?

[04/2017]  Pyrolysis:  Once and Future King of Biofuels, Part 2

[04/2017]  Pyrolysis:  Once and Future King of Biofuels, Part 1

[04/2017]  Opportunities to Transition Ethanol Facilities to Biochemical Refineries

[04/2017]  Lignocellulosic Biomass Deconstruction

[04/2017]  Sustainable Polyurethanes and the Bio Economy

[04/2017]  Turning Food Waste Into Tires

[04/2017]  Alternative Natural Rubber Crops:  Why Should We Care?

[03/2017]  5 Minutes with Wayne Lee, CEO

[03/2017]  Impeller Selection for Lignocellulosic Hydrolysis Reactors

[02/2017]  Ionic Liquids:  A Key Enabler of Biomass Processing

[02/2017]  The 30-30 Rule:  Lessons from the Field About Wood Power

[02/2017]  Rice Straw Power Generation

[01/2017]  The Industrial State of Biofuels Technologies

[01/2017]  Catalysts in Renewable Chemicals:  Noteworthy Developments 2015-2016

[01/2017]  Carbon Negative Impacts from Biomass Conversion

[01/2017]  Decentralized Organics to Energy With Containerized Anaerobic Digestion

[12/2016]  Biomass-Fed Chemical Projects, 2016

[12/2016]  Depolymerizing Lignin and Making it Pay – Now, Soon, Never?

[12/2016]  Glycerin as an Antifreeze Agent for Coal

[11/2016]  Ocean Going Vessels Going Green

[11/2016]  REAPing the Benefits of the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP)

[11/2016]  Australia’s Regulatory Landscape in Relation to Biofuels

[11/2016]  Scaling Biofuels Technology

[10/2016]  Torrefied Biomass:  Likely the Best Solid on the Market

[10/2016]  What to do About Algae

[10/2016]  Plastics and Microwave Pyrolysis

[10/2016]  Power to Save Family Farms and the Environment with Anaerobic Digestion

[10/2016]  An Overview of the Current Biochar and Activated Carbon Markets

[10/2016]  Solid Biofuels Standards for Forest Biomass

[10/2016]  Understanding Biofuels Standards

[09/2016]  Gasification:  The Flexible Answer to Biomass Conversion

[09/2016]  Isobutanol:  A New Product from Revamped Ethanol Plants

[09/2016]  New Bio Plastics & Resins

[09/2016]  Biomass Based Diesel Mandates & Trade Trends Around the World

[08/2016]  Platt’s Interview with CEO, Wayne Lee, about Renewable Fuel Standard

[08/2016]  Creating Value From Landfill Gas

[08/2016]  Organic Acids:  Key Facilitators of the Bio Economy

[08/2016]  Cellulosic Ethanol: What Happened & What Is Happening?

[07/2016]  Does the EPA Not Want Biofuels?

[07/2016]  Why and When You Need A Project Consultant

[07/2016]  5 Signs Your cGMPs are Ready for FSMA

[07/2016]  What’s Important About C5 & C6 Sugars?

[06/2016]  Clean Energy: Steam Reformation Technology

[06/2016]  Hot Prospects from Chemicals for Biomass

[06/2016]  Catalysts & Enzymes in Biofuels Production

[06/2016]  What’s Up With Renewable Jet Fuel?

[06/2016]  Where did Biofuels Technologies Come From?

[06/2016]  Renewable Jet Fuel: Why Everything Is So Up In The Air, A View from the Cockpit

[06/2016]  Catalysts and Enzymes in Biofuels Production

[05/2016]  Update on Biomass & Biofuels In Thailand

[05/2016]  Competing with sub $50 oil

[06/2015]  4-Minute Interview with Dr. Gerald Kutney

[06/2015]  4-Minute Interview with Lee Enterprises Consulting, Inc. CEO, Wayne Lee

[04/2013]  CEO’s Interview About Lee Enterprises and What We Do

[11/2012]   The Biomass Pyrolysis Spectrum

[09/2012]  Bullish on Biodiesel Quality

[06/2012]  Time For Obligated Parties to Overbuy RINS

[06/2012]  New RIN Super Program

[04/2012]  The Role of the Project Consultant in Alternative Fuels

[04/2012]  Process Safety Management for Biodiesel Plants

[03/2012]  The Case for Alternative Fuels Subsidies

[02/2012]  What is Plant Optimization?

[01/2012]  New RIN Verification Program Announced by Lee Enterprises

[10/2011]  Plant Appraisals & Asset Management

[07/2011]  Tax Opportunities for Industry Will Change at the End of 2011

[04/2011]  Potential Problems in RIN Trading

[02/2011]  An Expert Speaks Out on the State of the Biodiesel Industry

[07/2010]  An Expert Calls for Action in the Renewable Fuels Industry

[04/2010] What Happens When Oil Reaches $125 per Barrel

[02/2010] What About the New EPA Standards

[11/2009] When A Biodiesel Plant Should Consider Adding Esterification