In Depth Studies

Lee Enterprises Consulting established the LEC Studies Division to provide extensive Due Diligence-type studies on significant bioeconomy topics of interest to developers, operators, and investors.


Each LEC Study is a comprehensive critical analysis and in-depth evaluation of a specific Bioeconomy technological and business sector.  An LEC Study is distinctly different from other open-literature reviews or market analyses due to its critical, fundamental assessment that brings technical rigor, research, and veteran insights.  Managers, researchers, and executives alike will find the LEC Study of unique and enduring value far into the future.



A Lee Enterprises Consulting Study provides a detailed and thorough summary and analysis of the most current technical, market, and economics of a sector involving biomass, bio-processes, and/or bio-generated products.  Each Study is built from current, in-depth primary and secondary research, proprietary databases, and fresh analysis by industry experts.  The Studies incorporate technical literature, market analyst reports, trade articles, patents, economic evaluations, and personal communications into an up-to-date snapshot of the subject Bioeconomy area.

The Studies currently available are: 

Biogas Production, Treatment, and Utilization  ($5950.00 U.S.)

Biogas Conversion Technologies  ($5950.00 U.S.)

Biogas Production, Treatment, and Utilization

“A definitive must-read for anyone in the field.” – Biofuels Digest

By Scott Warfield and Dr. Hong Cui, this study discusses the production, cleaning, treatment, and utilization of biogas (methane derived from renewable resources and waste) with the aim of promoting increased development of biogas production facilities to replace natural gas we burn and the fossil fuels for the vehicles we drive. Development in much of Europe and Asia far exceeds that in North America, so while this paper is intentionally skewed to the North American and United States market it applies globally for the development of biogas projects. For the developer, business owner, investor or lender working in the production and utilization of biogas projects, this paper is a must read and provides the necessary detail to answer questions, educate, and provide the knowledge necessary to evaluate every aspect of a biogas project.

Biogas Conversion Technologies

“Thumbs-up. The best critical review of this technology set we’re ever seen.” – Biofuels Digest

By Dr. Terry Mazanec, this study provides a timely review of the status of biogas upgrading to liquid fuels and chemicals through a biomethane  intermediate.  The focus is on technical developments and applications that are particularly suited to biomethane resources.   This Study considers the fundamental limitations to methane upgrading and insights into the current status of the technologies,  installations, economics, and challenges for the deployment of smaller scale biomethane upgrading processes.   Information obtained from open literature, company websites/publications, conference presentations, and patents served  as resources for this Study.  Comparisons among and recommendations for specific technology applications for biogas  conversion are presented.

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