The experts at Lee Enterprises Consulting have an average of 30 years’ experience.  Litigation consulting & expert witness services are only a small part of our overall consulting practice, as all our experts are working consultants within their fields of expertise. They are seasoned professionals with a vast amount of “hands-on” experience.

Our Expert Witness Program is administered directly by our CEO.  Some of our experts have testified many times, while others may not have much litigation experience in their work history, but regardless of their testimonial experience, each of our experts who elects to participate in our Expert Witness Program is required to undergo a short in house training.  Our goal is to make certain that each expert we refer understands their role in the litigation, the importance of maintaining attorney client privilege, and the importance of well written expert reports. They are instructed about being qualified and the Daubert criteria, and are given the basics of “work product”, FRE 702-706, FRCP Rule 26, matters involving discoverability, and preparation for depositions and trial testimony.

Prior to any engagement the expert and attorney will have discussions to make certain our expert is the best fi for the issue at hand, and each expert is vetted in advance for any potential conflicts.

See “Our Expertise” for the specifics on our areas of expertise.  Here is an example of what attorneys say about our experts: “We retained two Lee Enterprises Consulting experts in a federal case. We were able to reach an extraordinary result that would not have occurred absent their diligent work.“  Trade Secret Litigation Attorney

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