(CCO) Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Financial Services, Fin Tech

Administration, Customer Relations, Marketing, PR, Project Management

(EVP) Synthetic Biology, Food Ingredients, Fermentation (SE Asia/India Markets)


(EVP) Pyrolysis, Hydrogenation, IP. Chemical Processes, Process Engineering

Investor Liaison, Federal Funding Support and New Sector Development

(EVP) Synthetic Biology, Fermentation, Biomaterials, Biofuels, Food Ingredients

(EVP) Environmental, Due Diligence, Land & Natural Resources, Biodiversity,

(EVP) Fermentation, Ethanol, Biochemicals, Enzymes, Cellulose Conversion

(EVP) Engineering Oversight, TEA, Biofuels, Feedstocks, Biochemicals

Grain and Livestock Production, Human and Animal Nutrition, Food Safety