(CCO) Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Financial Services, Fin Tech

Administration, Customer Relations, Marketing, PR, Project Management

(EVP) Hydrogen, Biofuels, Fuel Cells, Sustainable Foods & Ingredients, Algae

Pretreatment, Enzymes, Pulp & Paper, Biochemicals, Waste Valorization

Fermentation, Enzymes, Catalysis, Wastewater, Biogas, Biotechnology

Bioethanol, Pretreatment, Enzymatic Hydrolysis, TEA, Process Engineering

(EVP) Synthetic Biology, Food Ingredients, Fermentation (SE Asia/India Markets)

(EVP) Ethanol & Protein Feed Ingredients, Plastics Circular Economies

Enzymology, Biomass Hydrolysis, Waste to Energy, Protein Purification

Investor Liaison, Federal Funding Support and New Sector Development