Hans van der Pol (1) (002)

Biotechnology, Sustainability, Biobased and Biodegradable Plastics, Safer Chemicals and Ingredients, Natural Fibers

Hans has a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry (University at Utrecht) and a Nyenrode business education. Hans has worked in the Chemical Industry over thirty (30) years. Based in the Netherlands, Hans’s global work experience covers companies like Akzo Nobel, Teijin Aramid, Purac biochem (now Corbion), Eastman Chemical an several scaleups, o.a. Vibers. More recently he has also worked with several investment banks, venture capitalist and private equity houses.

Hans is an entrepreneurial, market driven and experienced product development and business expert with a track-record in bioplastics, biobased chemicals and high-performance materials value-chains and with a passion for sustainability. He is earned credit as enterprising pioneer with an eye for detail who takes responsibility for the big picture and has been operating across the globe with a strategic focus to bring innovations from technology to market.  He has experience in such diverse areas as strategy, business development, venture development, technology scouting, due diligence and innovation project- and portfolio management, product development, market intelligence, product management and global marketing. Contact Hans.