Larry Sullivan


Petroleum, Natural Gas, Biotechnology, Renewable Diesel, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Renewable Chemicals, Site Evaluations

Larry brings 35 years of experience in commercializing new technology and technology transfer, renewable fuels and chemicals, bioprocessing, and expert witness skills. His business skills cover M&A due diligence, international assignments, peer reviews, financial modeling, engineering, a public company officer role, oil & gas management, and full-scale commercialization roles. The majority of his career in petroleum was at Dresser Europe, Imperial Chemical Industries and Dupont’s Conoco UK Ltd.

Larry serves on the DOE and USDA Biomass Technical Advisory Committee and the EPA Science Advisory Board. He teaches at The Citadel as an Adjunct Professor and was elected to be a Commissioner on the South Carolina Consumer Affairs Commission with its new role in energy. He has a B.A. from the University of Texas,  an M.A. from Arizona State University, and additional  graduate studies in Geosciences from Texas A&M University. He wrote the EPA RCRA Implementation Plan for the Texas Department of Water Resources. Conoco and Dupont sponsored his engineering education (St. Catherine’s College, Oxford) and business (Warwick university). Contact Larry