Chuck Sorensen, Ph.D., P.E.

Chuck Sorensen

Conventional/Bio Refining Interface, Renewable Fuels, Renewable Chemicals, Technology Commercialization & Scale-Up, Water Filtration

Chuck has over 35 years’ experience in new process and product technology commercialization, innovation program leadership, oil refinery operations, manufacturing planning, process engineering, design, safety, project management, and process R&D functions.  He is President of ChemTero and formerly served as Chief Technology Officer at Anellotech, Innovation & New Product Development Director at Corning Incorporated, and held a variety of technology and manufacturing positions at Mobil (ExxonMobil).  Chuck works as an interface between conventional petroleum refining and bio-refineries, and provides analyses, plans, and advice to  upper management and senior technologists in the areas of innovation program management, techno-economics, value propositions,  process design, process scale-up, reaction engineering, manufacturing, decision analyses, risk assessments, and strategic support for new business development.

Chuck has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a BS in Chemistry, and has extensive formal and hands-on training in Project Management methods and leadership techniques.  He has led numerous innovation programs at all stages, in small start-up company and large corporate environments.  Several programs have resulted in commercialization of new chemical or refining processes, and/or new industrial products.  He is an inventor or co-inventor on over 30 US patents with numerous applications pending.  Contact Chuck.