Chuck Sorensen, Ph.D., P.E.

Chuck Sorensen

Refinery Co-Processing, Biofuel Blending, and Distribution, Renewable Diesel, SAF, FT Upgrading, Marine Biofuels, TEA & Business Case Analyses, Engine Emissions Control

Chuck has 37 years of experience with commercializing new chemical & fuel process and product technologies, bio-fuels & bio-chemicals, conventional oil refinery, and chemical plant operation, process engineering & design, and capital project analysis.  His focus areas include co-processing and upgrading of biomass-based materials in oil refineries, new bio-refining processes to make renewable gasoline, diesel, jet, and marine fuel products, bio-product blending and distribution, and techno-economic evaluation of proposed technologies.  Analyses, plans, and advice are provided to investors, upper management, and technology developers to help them understand the potential financial returns & sensitivities, customer value propositions, risks, and the probability of success associated with these technologies.

In addition to his extensive understanding of biofuels, petroleum, natural gas, and hydrogen, he has significant experience in a diverse set of related areas including diesel engine technology and emissions after-treatment which are important for emerging marine biofuels, bio-degradable polymers, and extrusion processing, pyrolysis, and forest, agricultural, and MSW feedstock preparation.  He is President of ChemTero formerly served as CTO/CSO at Anellotech and held a variety of technology, planning, and manufacturing positions at Mobil (ExxonMobil) and Corning.  Chuck has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and a BS in Chemistry and is an inventor or co-inventor on 35 US patents with numerous applications pending. Contact Chuck.