David Peterson

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Biomass and Biofuel Technology Commercialization and Scale-up, Company Start-up, Pulp and Paper, Forest Products and Co-Products, Biomaterials, IP Protection

David has a 35+ year career in natural biomass-based businesses and technologies. He successfully founded and built as a CEO a company that produced biologically-active chemicals made from birch bark, worked on two wood-to-fuel biorefineries, designed / built / commissioned two pilot plants and directed a myriad of natural-based product development projects. His expertise is in forest products (pulp and paper, fine chemicals, bio actives, cellulosic-based biofuels, co-products, biomass processing, biomaterials) and commercializing new technologies.

He understands the complex, multi-disciplinary process required to successfully commercialize new products or process technologies. His broad experience includes start-ups, mid-caps, Fortune 500 (Potlatch Corporation) and experience in a number of industries: pharmaceuticals (API), biofuels, antibiotics, pelleting operations, natural product extraction and derivatization, artificial skin (interim CEO), animal-care products, iron-making / reduction with syngas, nutraceuticals, agricultural chemicals and forest products.

David has been directly involved in IP harvesting, patent portfolio management with the issuance of over 17 national and international utility patents. He negotiated multi-partner joint-development agreements, industrial property purchase / lease agreements, service and research contracts, foreign contract manufacturing, licensing agreements, as well as, coordinated numerous environmental permits, detailed engineering and R&D projects, established quality control programs and complex EPC contracts. Due to experience and connections, he was asked to author a comprehensive survey on the sustainability of the bioeconomy of Northeastern Minnesota. These experiences provide him with a unique “business and technology viewpoint” and enables a common-sense approach to business strategy, technology, and construction.

He is an effective team builder and servant leader with an entrepreneurial drive that is passionate about achieving stakeholder value and sustainable profits. David received an MBA from Purdue University (Krannert School of Management) and BS in Forest Products, Pulp and Paper Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

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