Kristy Pena

Anaerobic Digestion (AD), Waste Management, Biogas, Wastewater

Dr. Pena is a senior consultant on sustainable education, circular economy, renewable energy production, and waste & wastewater management for developing SMART CITY projects, mainly in Latino America.  She has experience in Mexican, German and Scandinavian companies as technical sales director in the EMEA region in biogas projects, as a Process Engineer in anaerobic digestion and thermal pretreatment of sewage sludge and solid waste for biogas production, as an Environmental Manager for the Automotive Industry, and as an Environmental Engineer in the design and operation of PTARS / EDARS).  She was the Course Director of two master’s degrees in Environmental and Process Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (WASTE M.Sc. and Energietechnik) and worked with the funder of KFG EnviroSMART Solutions, an engineering, technology, and social innovation agency focused on the circular economy, environment, renewable energy, and sustainable training. Dr. Pena develops projects in KFG that focus on revalorizing organic waste in order to produce “green energy” and contributes to decarbonizing agriculture through biofertilizers. She is the co-founder of the Hessen Chapter of the Global Mx Network (RGMX), a Mexican entity that contributes to the insertion of Mexico into the global knowledge economy, and collaborates with RGMX as a promoter of women’s empowerment programs within RGMX-EUROPE.  She is a Mexican-German Environmental Engineer and scientist who actively promotes environmental projects with a multicultural and transdisciplinary touch. Dr. Pena graduated from UPIBI-IPN and the University of Stuttgart where her Doctoral Thesis focused on Technology transfer between Europe and Mexico. Contact Kristy.