Cristian Muhrer PhD


Process Analysis, Modeling, Simulation, Controls & Optimization, Chemical Processes, Air Separation - South America

Dr. Muhrer has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering under William Luyben at Lehigh University, and over 35 years of experience in the area of Process Modeling, Simulation and Control. He has more than 20 years’ experience in at Air Products, leading projects to improve the operation and control of chemical processes, revamp processes and in the design of Air Separation Plants. He also worked at Aspen Technology as a Business Consultant, advising customers how to streamline the engineering workflow and optimize operating processes. Dr. Muhrer has developed a continuous distillation scheme to replace existing batch columns.  This continuous scheme provides a 50% capacity increase in the distillation area of an Acetylenics Plant, avoiding the cost of a new facility.  He also developed multiyear plan in Dynamic Simulation to provide direction to development efforts performed in-house and by vendors, and has consulted with many customers on how to reduce energy or increase production and/or yields to optimize current operating processes. Dr. Muhrer is a native of Chile and speaks fluent Spanish.  Contact Cris.