(EVP) Renewable Diesel & SAF, New Technology Licensing and Go to Market Strategies, Technology Scale-up, Intellectual Property and Contracts, Carbon Sequestration, Catalysis, Hydrogenation, Process Engineering

For the past 20 years, Bryan has led teams in Europe, The Pacific Rim, North America and Latin America.  His teams were responsible for technical service, sales, marketing, and operations for conversion technologies (IP).  Technologies include Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Mining, Ammonia, and Renewable Processes.   Earlier in his career he traveled internationally starting up new process units in the refining and petrochemical space in The Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and India.   Bryan was active in bringing new technologies to market including dewaxing catalysts, dibenzothiophene removal, and solid alkylation.  Bryan’s expertise lies in hydro-processing, isomerization, and petrochemical process design and operations, which was transferable to renewable diesel and SAF process technologies where he has remained for the past 10 years.

In his roles with UOP, Clariant, and KBR, Bryan managed EPC projects that have ranged from 50M to 1.5 billion in ISBL/OSBL costs.  He collaborated with partners bringing technology, financing, land, feedstock and sourcing agreements.  His knowledge in licensing, Engineering, FEED, Catalyst and proprietary equipment allowed for quick contract negotiations.  Over the past few years, Bryan has focused on the renewable diesel value chain, from bio-feed sourcing, conversion, catalyst, and distribution to the West Coast USA and Canada.  He has intimate knowledge of the financial drivers; RINs, tax credits, process unit operational efficiencies, LCFS, and CARB pathways.

Bryan has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the School of Mines, Colorado, an MBA from DePaul, and a Business Excellence Certification from the University of Colorado. Contact Bryan.