Tad Dritz

Dritz Headshot 25May22

(EVP) Engineering Oversight, Process Scale-up, Techno-Economic Assessments (TEA), Due Diligence, Bioeconomy Market Analyses, Green Hydrogen, CO2 Utilization, Advanced Biofuels, Bio-based Chemicals, Bioplastics

Tad specializes in new technology development and deployment with a focus on biofuels, bio-based processes and hydrogen. His areas of expertise include syngas generation from biomass and refuse-derived fuel (RDF), sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) via Fischer-Tropsch and competing routes, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, and bio-plastics, as well as various routes to produce low carbon intensity hydrogen. He is also knowledgeable about conventional oil & gas and chemical processes, and how innovative bio-based concepts compete with incumbents in terms of economics and environmental impact.

Throughout his career, Tad has been successful in assessing technologies and markets to identify the right funders, development and deployment partners, and customers for first-of-kind and early iteration innovations. He has negotiated joint development agreements, licensing deals, and EPC contracts. Tad has also worked inside and with technology developers and EPC firms, including Bechtel Corporation, on projects ranging from small-scale pilot plants to a $14 billion upgrade of Mexico’s largest offshore oil field.

In addition to engagements with technology companies, project developers and EPCs, Tad has worked with investment firms and insurance companies to evaluate the viability of and risk associated with developing and deploying new technologies. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas, holds an MBA and MS in Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Michigan and BS in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University.   Contact Tad