Pasfoto Chen Qi

Syngas, Hydrogen, Gasification, Pyrolysis, Solid Waste Feedstocks, Project Development, Project Management, Natural Gas, Oil Refining, Chemicals

Qi has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University Ghent in Belgium and over 30 years of experience leading technology and development and execution teams. Based in The Netherlands, Qi specializes in process technologies and project engineering for the manufacturing of syngas and hydrogen, liquid fuels, and petrochemicals with an emphasis on minimizing carbon footprints. He focuses on research and development, demonstration, deployment, and commercialization of process technologies of thermochemical conversions at temperatures of 800-1600 ˚C, such as gasification, pyrolysis, and steam reforming.  With feedstocks, Qi continues to work with renewable resources like municipal solid waste (MSW) and non-recyclable waste plastics.

Qi has successfully led and supervised many major capital projects from concept design, basic design, front-end engineering, and design (FEED), engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), up to commissioning and start-up (CSU). He has hands-on experience across the entire project cycle from initiation to plant handover.  Qi also provides consultancy in the conventional oil, gas, and petrochemicals space, offering services such as gas development planning, and small-scale liquified natural gas (LNG) project development and execution -the latter having been applied to convert biogas into a better transportable LNG. Contact Qi.