Tony Cartolano, Eng.Sc.D.


(EVP) Pyrolysis, Hydrogenation, Intellectual Property, Chemical Processes, Process Engineering, Technology Assessments, Scale-Up, Pilot Plant Construction and Operation.

Dr. A.R. (Tony) Cartolano has over 35 years of experience in chemical process research, process development and process engineering.  Tony worked in Air Products’ Chemicals Group for many years, leading multi-disciplinary teams in scale-up of new monomer production, hydrogenation technology and even such exotic chemistries as boro-fluoro compounds for Li battery electrolytes.  After Air Products, Tony served as Vice President of Process Engineering for SPEC Process Engineering and Construction, leading a process engineering group in developing process design packages for a number of projects across various industries in the New England region.  Recently, Tony was Chief Technology Officer for Anellotech, where he led the successful pilot demonstration of catalytic pyrolysis of biomass to produce aromatic chemicals, followed by the generation of a basic engineering package for the commercialization of the technology.

Tony’s expertise includes process development, pilot plant design and construction, commercialization of new reactor and process technologies, multi-phase reaction technology, intellectual property management, and manufacturing support.  With several publications and issued patents, with more applications pending, Tony also taught a graduate course in Advanced Reactor Engineering at the City College of NY as an adjunct. Tony received a Masters and Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, and a Bachelor’s in Bio-Chemical Engineering, all from Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.  After serving in various division leadership roles, Tony served as Chair for the Process Development Division of AIChE 2019-2021. Contact Tony.