Chris Burk


Techno Economic Modeling & Analysis for New Chemical & Bioprocess Technologies

Chris specializes in techno-economic analysis. He works with companies that are developing or investing in new chemical and bioprocess technologies, helping them use techno-economic modeling to better understand their economics at a commercial scale. His clients include venture capital firms, universities, national labs, independent startups, and startup incubators.

A good techno-economic model is more than a one-off cost estimate – it’s a tool for understanding a technology and the factors driving its economics. It lets you objectively pinpoint the greatest opportunities, risks, and areas of uncertainty. Chris approaches techno-economic modeling with a software developer’s mindset. His models are user-friendly, well-organized, and clearly documented. With the techniques, software, resources, and templates that he has developed over 16+ years of practice and study, he can quickly and effectively get companies answers to their most important questions.

Prior to consulting, Chris spent twelve years in industry working in R&D, scale-up, and pilot plant EPC. He speaks and writes regularly on the importance and best practices of early-stage techno-economic analysis. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and he holds BS and MEng degrees in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University. Contact Chris.