Greg Benz


Biofuels & Biochemicals Agitation & Mixing Processes, Fermentation Modeling & Scale Up, Agitation Equipment Evaluation, Bioreactor & Fermenter Design & Energy Optimization

Greg is a registered Professional Engineer in Ohio with over 40 years of experience in the design of agitation systems.  He specializes in fermentation and bioreactors, including heat transfer and mass transfer.  He is the author of Agitator Design for Gas-Liquid Fermentor and Bioreactors and is well known to most of the biofuel and biotechnology providers. He also has experience in continuous flow and multistage reactor design. Greg’s work involves agitation, mixing, and bioreactor design consultation, including equipment specification and bid evaluation. He has designed more than 150 fermenter agitators, as well as many polymer and biofuel agitation systems, including bioethanol, biobutanol, cellulosic ethanol, and biodiesel, as well as value-added renewable chemicals and biochemicals. He is a member of AIChE, ISPE, SIMB, SBE, American Mensa, and the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Greg has authored more than 35 technical articles. He has specific experience doing business in China, having managed his former employer’s business there for years, and having consulted there for multiple clients. He has traveled to China dozens of times and is a student of its language and culture.  Contact Greg.