Pulp & Paper, Consumer Packaged Goods, Nanocellulose, Textiles, Packaging, Energy, Plastics, and Advanced Materials

Jeff has been contributing to innovation and sustainability for nearly three decades, focused throughout his career on enabling companies to activate and drive transformative growth through the decarbonization of energy and recarbonization of materials while achieving their ESG-centric program objectives and reaching impact assessment targets. Jeff began in 1993 as a Distributed Control Systems Operator at the recycled pulp mill asset of Burrows Paper Corporation in New York.  From this waste valorization experience, Jeff founded Adirondack Paper Management and Canefields USA. At Canefields, he imported ag fiber based pulp and paper products from around the world and placed them into national distribution through major wholesalers and retailers like Staples, Office Depot, WB Mason, United Stationers, and Walmart. In collaboration with Flambeau River Papers in Wisconsin, Jeff initiated manufacturing of paper products containing recycled fiber and agricultural residues, which became the first grade of paper products to receive the USDA Biopreferred certification.  Jeff later became the Director of Innovation at Central National-Gottesman Inc. (CNG), one of the world’s largest distributors of pulp, paper, packaging, nonwovens & fibers, tissue, metals and wood products.  At CNG, Jeff led the firm’s corporate innovation group, and managed bioeconomy business development projects with POET Biofuels, Huntsman Chemical, Fluid Quip Technologies, Suzano, Procter & Gamble, Sweetwater Energy, Domtar, Georgia Pacific, Solvay, MetGen, and many others.

Jeff currently serves as a consultant and advisor to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and is a member of the Biorenewable Deployment Consortium.  He is also an Industry Advisor to the Alabama Center for Paper and Bioresource Engineering at Auburn University. At LEC, Jeff consults in projects involving Pulp & Paper, Consumer Packaged Goods, Nanocellulose, Textiles, Packaging, Energy, Plastics, and Advanced Materials, spending much of his time providing Project Management and Strategic Advisory services.  Jeff’s education is in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Contact Jeff.