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Hydrothermal Carbonization

Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC), a process that is capable of converting organic matter into carbon-rich substances in the presence of water, at temperatures of about 190–260°C. Consequently, this process is suitable for waste valorization, as high moisture content waste feedstocks such as agricultural residues, animal litter and sewage can be converted into value-added products like catalysts, activated […]

Hazards and Operability (HAZOP)

HAZOP (Hazards and Operability Study), a widely used process hazards analysis methodology, uses professionally qualified team brainstorming to identify and resolve process safety hazards by considering unusual occurrences. It focuses early on the more probable failure scenarios, including human factors. It poses questions about possible deviations from normal operation in a process section, usually referring […]

Hydroprocessing Expert

What does a hydroprocessing expert or hydroprocessing consultant do?  A hydroprocessing experts can design process using hydrogen to upgrade biofuels and renewable chemicals.   Hydroprocessing is used to remove oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen from biomass-derived feeds and renewables to produce drop-in feeds.  A consultant can aid in the selection of appropriate catalysts, predict yields and hydrogen […]

Biotechnology Evaluation Expert

What does a biochemical, biofuels or biomass technology evaluator do?  A technology evaluator provides an independent opinion about a new technology or application based on years of technical and commercial experience.   It is useful for understanding if the technology is worth commercialization at this stage and the potential the value of intellectual property. What is […]

Process Design

The process designer’s task is to lay out the process unit operations in a Block Flow Process Diagram (BFPD), in which the process unit operations are connected by the continuous process stream flows.  A process is the transformation of raw materials, into one or more products of commercial value. The process development aims for commercial […]

Biomass Gasification Expert

What does a biomass gasification expert or gasification consultant do?  Gasification is the process of turning some variety of feedstocks into higher value products. This is most often done by converting a material containing carbon (like coal, biomass, waste, petroleum coke, etc.) —into a syngas. This syngas is then burned to produce electricity, or it […]

Advanced Biofuels Expert

What does an advanced biofuels expert or consultant do?  When we speak of “advanced biofuels”, we are referring to second generation biofuels – as opposed to first generation biofuels.  First generation biofuels are generally made from food crops like virgin vegetable oils (soybean oil, canola oil, etc.) or sugar cane. Although there are exceptions, advanced […]

Biofuels Consultant

What does a biofuels expert or biofuels consultant do?  First, let’s define biofuels.  Biofuels refers to any fuel that is produced through a mainstream biological processes like agriculture as opposed to fuels which are produced through a geological processes like coal or petroleum.  Biofuels are normally derived directly from plants, or indirectly from agricultural, commercial, […]

Pilot Plant Expert

Pilot plant experts work closely with research scientists to scale chemical and biological processes. They are familiar with the (typ.) four scales associated with process development – lab, pilot, demonstration, production – and the benefits and challenges associated with each. They need a strong grasp of chemical, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control engineering, as well […]

Emerging Biofuels

Within biofuels, examples of emerging technologies are: torrefaction to produce biocoal slow pyrolysis to produce biochar fast pyrolysis to produce pyrolysis oil and biochar hydrothermal carbonization to produce hydrochar hydrothermal liquefaction to produce biocrude stream treated to produce black pellets gasification to produce producer gas and/or syngas. With such early-stage ventures, an important early task […]