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Our renewable water treatment experts are a world class group and water recovery consulting is a vital part of our business. Lee Enterprises Consulting (LEC) realizes that water is an increasingly valuable resource that must be conserved and considers it a vital renewable resource. Water treatment is often an overlooked factor in industrial processes whether it be incoming water for consumption, recycled water, or effluent water from the facility.

Water quality can be critical in many biological processes. Inappropriate treatment technology can lower process efficiency or halt construction and permitting. LEC has the experience to serve advanced ultrapure water, process water, and wastewater treatment needs; including effluent polishing. Our network of experts provides custom interdisciplinary solutions ranging from process design, permitting, and technology evaluation through deployment and commissioning.

Whether your treatment problem involves biological contaminates, volatile organic molecules, dissolved metals (As, Pb, Hg, Fe) or anions (P, Cl, F) we can provide creative options that meet your needs. LEC focuses on identifying and implementing the most economical solutions for renewable chemical, fuels, agricultural, food, and other industrial processes. We are experienced with aerobic and anaerobic waste treatment, the use of coagulants and absorbents, ion exchange, electrochemical, reverse and forward osmosis and membrane technologies. We are particularly adept at developing innovative solutions and applying novel technologies including UV treatment and capacitive deionization.

Our Water Treatment experts can be integrated into LEC’s business management, investment services, renewable chemical, renewable energy, alternative fuels, bioenergy, and biomass consulting making LEC a single source for expert consulting.  Our WATER TREATMENT CONSULTING – together with all our renewable energy, alternative fuels, emerging technology, renewable chemicals, anaerobic digestion, and biomass consulting practices – is done by the top experts in the world.