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Water Treatment Expert

What does a water treatment expert or water treatment consultant do?  First, let define the term.  The short version of water treatment  technology is that which uses kinetic energy (not thermal energy) to convert water to vapor form via mechanical means.  The energy usage by using this system is far less than that of conventional distillation technologies and certainly has applications in many areas of water purification processes.  This is probably more efficient than RO systems currently used in the desalination industry.

Technology using mechanically produced microbubbles/nano droplets to purify water and separate liquids describes a method of producing water vapor that represents disruptive technology.  Disruptive in that the vaporization of liquid becomes an exothermic reaction instead of the endothermic reaction we are accustomed to when we think of vapor/steam processes – greatly reducing the amount of energy required to produce water vapor.

Normally when one thinks of industrial scale water evaporation and purification systems, we naturally envision systems of adding heat to water to bring it to the boiling point and then continuing to add heat to produce steam (steam evaporation or flash evaporation).   Recent research has shown that the physics of how water evaporates has some surprises.  These relate to the form of the water, whether the water is in a pool/container, in bubble form, or in micro-bubble form.  It turns out that micro bubbles offer some serious advantages for water to turn from a liquid into the vapor form.  This has been shown to be the result of micro bubbles producing nano-droplets of water that have a greatly reduced surface tension, which in turn leads to an almost immediate conversion from liquid to vapor state – and in the process of vaporization, releasing energy for an exothermic reaction.  In work by Zimmerman et.al., (2013) the authors concluded that “With microbubbles, the internal mixing dominates and there is a maximum absolute humidity achieved in a very short residence time.”   The authors also concluded “that in the competition between vaporization and sensible heat transfer of the liquid element on the skin of the microbubble, the “race” is won immediately by vaporization.”

In more common and direct terms, using micro bubbles/nano droplets can result in a very low energy cost in achieving water vaporization.  This, in turn, offers a multitude of low energy, low cost opportunities for water purification and liquid separation systems (see additional references below).

The disruptive technology that have been developed and patented are low energy mechanical system creating micro bubbles which in turn produces nanodroplets which immediately become water vapor and then re-condensing the water vapor to produce purified water.  They have also patented a use for this system to be a low energy way of separating liquids based on different vaporization points (i.e., ethanol separation in fuel ethanol production systems).

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