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Federal Funding Application Experts

What are Federal Funding Application Experts?  The US Departments of Energy and Agriculture continues to be a major source of funding for research and development of biofuels.  This was recently illustrated by an announcement of plans to post $78 million in federal opportunities announcements (FOAs) in the near future. Federal Funding Application consultants are those […]

Sustainable Aviation Fuels Expert

What do sustainable aviation fuels experts, also known as renewable jet fuel experts, aviation fuels consultants do?   Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is the name given to advanced biofuels that are used in jet aircraft and are certified as being sustainable by an independent third-party.  These types of fuels are considered to be the primary means by which the […]

Renewable Jet Fuel: Why Everything Is So Up In The Air, A View from the Cockpit

By Jonathan Lewis Having flown the “heavy iron” for more than thirty (30) years, I can state with full confidence that there are only three (3) very important questions pilots have about Jet Fuel: #1. Is it good quality fuel? #2. Do we have enough? #3. How much does it weigh? Everything else is more […]

Renewable Jet Fuel: Why Everything Is So Up In The Air? (Part 1)

On any given day, one can pick up a newspaper and read about yet another airline testing yet another renewable jet fuel produced by yet another process. The obvious question is thus, “If all of these renewable jet fuels and production processes are so great, how come the world’s airlines aren’t all using them to […]