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Hydrothermal Carbonization

Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC), a process that is capable of converting organic matter into carbon-rich substances in the presence of water, at temperatures of about 190–260°C. Consequently, this process is suitable for waste valorization, as high moisture content waste feedstocks such as agricultural residues, animal litter and sewage can be converted into value-added products like catalysts, activated […]

What is an Emerging Biofuel?

Within biofuels, examples of emerging technologies are: torrefaction to produce biocoal slow pyrolysis to produce biochar fast pyrolysis to produce pyrolysis oil and biochar hydrothermal carbonization to produce hydrochar hydrothermal liquefaction to produce biocrude stream treated to produce black pellets gasification to produce producer gas and/or syngas. With such early-stage ventures, an important early task […]