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Expert Witness – Biotechnology

An expert witness in biotechnology is a person, who by virtue of his or her knowledge, experience, education, training, and skills, has special knowledge of one of the many technologies in the bioeconomy that is not known to the general public.   The initial function of the biotechnology expert witness is usually to examine a particular […]

Biomass Energy

The definition of biomass energy?  Biomass energy is a renewable organic materials, such as wood, agricultural crops or wastes, and municipal wastes, especially when used as a source of fuel or energy. Biomass can be burned directly or processed into biofuels such as bio ethanol and methane. Biomass is certainly a renewable feedstock, and it is […]

Biomass Technology Experts

What does a biomass technology expert or consultant do?  First, let’s define “biomass technology”.  There are many specific types of biomass conversion technologies, primarily divided into four major groups.  The first group are thermal conversion technologies.  These technologies use heat to convert biomass materials into energy, and include pyrolysis and torrefaction technologies.  The second group […]

Biotechnology Evaluation Expert

What does a biochemical, biofuels or biomass technology evaluator do?  A technology evaluator provides an independent opinion about a new technology or application based on years of technical and commercial experience.   It is useful for understanding if the technology is worth commercialization at this stage and the potential the value of intellectual property. What is […]

Brief Technology Assessments: An Economical Way of Confirming the Potential of New Technology

Pre-Feasibility Assessments: An Economical Way of Confirming the Potential of New Technology Lee Enterprises Consulting is the world’s largest bioenergy and biofuels consulting group with in-depth expertise covering virtually every facet of biodiesel, ethanol, biomass power, and emerging technologies (such as pyrolysis, gasification and torrefaction).  We are offering a new service to assess the commercial […]