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The King of Biofuels – A Guide to Pyrolysis’ Progress and Prospects

Biofuels Digest recently invited two of our noted biofuels experts, Dr. Lorenz Bauer and Dr. Terry Mazanec, to lead webinars on the field of pyrolysis and to discuss its progress and future prospects.  Dr. Bauer presented Part 1 and Dr. Mazanec presented part two. For Lee Enterprises Consulting, Dr. Bauer handles bio oil upgrading, catalytic […]

Advent Bioenergy’s wondrous plant in the far, far north: X-Mass, roasting chestnuts, project Rudolph and more

Breaking News: a Canadian venture has just moved up into the #1 spot of the “Top 50 Hottest Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy,” according to the annual survey by Biofuels Digest – Advent Bioenergy (season2bjolly.ca), founded by the reclusive entrepreneur, S. Claus. Lee Enterprises Consulting is proud to have been working with Advent Bioenergy for […]

A Short History of Biofuels

Introduction In the modern world, fuels are often equated with fossil fuels:  coal, oil and natural gas.  However, fossil fuels only came into their own during the 20th century.  From the time of the caveman until the early Industrial Revolution, biofuels – namely wood and the advanced biofuel of the day, charcoal – reigned supreme.  […]

Lee Enterprises Consulting’s V.P. Publishes Comprehensive Pyrolysis Technology Paper

Lee Enterprises Consulting, the world’s largest bioenergy and biofuels consulting group, is pleased to announce that Vice President, Dr. Gerald Kutney, has just completed an article called The-Pyrolysis-1000 (1).”  Kutney maintains a comprehensive global database of biomass pyrolysis technology developers and ventures, and relevant references to the companies and their projects are imbedded in the […]