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Celebrating Canada’s 150th: A Short History of the Biofuel Industry in Canada

 By Dr. Gerald Kutney, Lee Enterprises Consulting The 150th anniversary of Confederation on July 1st is a time to reflect upon the country’s achievements; this article covers the evolution of the Canadian biofuel industry – including gaseous, liquid and solid biofuels, and biomass power – from 1867 to 2017. The foundations of the biofuel industry in […]

Understanding Enzymes: Manganese Peroxidase for Industrial Applications

Enzymes are proteins that are produced by all living organisms. Their function is to make chemical reactions proceed at a rapid pace so that life can continue. Humans have learned to adapt the activity of enzymes for their use in manufacturing useful materials. Manganese peroxidase is an iron-containing enzyme that oxidizes Mn2+ to Mn3+, which […]