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Latex Allergy Expert

What does a Latex Allergy expert or Latex Allergy consultant do? First, let’s define Latex Allergy.   Broadly there are two forms of latex allergy.  The most dangerous one, Type I latex allergy, is the one your doctor or hospital means when they ask if you have a latex allergy and what the latex warning signs are protecting against.   This allergy is a systemic allergy mediated by the type of human antibody called IgE.  The allergic reaction can spread through a person’s body and cause hives, edema (swelling of the tissues, which if located in the mouth or throat can be life-threatening) and, in its worst manifestation, anaphylactic shock. This reaction is often fatal.  This is same type of reaction as bee sting shock.  The second type of latex allergy causes reactions at the site of contact with a latex product but doesn’t not spread. The skin reddens and may crack or blister.

A latex allergy expert or latex allergy consultant is normally someone who has degree in medicine, biology, immunology, or polymer science, and specific experience the types and causes of latex allergy.

The  latex allergy expert or consultant may assist clients in distinguishing between the types and cuases of different latex allergies, and  can assess the allergen dose caused by particular latex products and its potential risk to cause latex allergy sensitization (i.e. can it give a person latex allergy) or an allergic response in a previously sensitized person. The latex allergy expert can evaluate technologies which may reduce the risk of latex allergy, and also advise on the most effective technologies to maximize product safety. This includes assisting investors in selecting the right technology and in preparing due diligence/feasibility studies and loan/grant applications.  During design, the latex allergy expert may perform a peer review of the design, prepare cost opinions and assist with permit applications.  During construction, the latex allergy expert might assist with construction oversight of the facility and provide commissioning reports. They may also provide operator training, start-up assistance and management to assist in making the facilities run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. In matters involving latex allergy and latex product litigation, the consultant may serve an expert witness and assist the attorneys with understanding the processes and related technical issues and may testify in court about latex technology, economics and related matters).

At Lee Enterprises Consulting, we have a highly qualified latex allergy expert available to assist you with any related matters.  Feel free to call or email us for more information.