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Investor Services Projects


Our renewable energy experts have completed many projects for bioeconomy investors worldwide.  Below are a few examples:

DOE Merit Reviews – U.S. – Lee Enterprises Consultants have performed more than 100 Merit Reviews of emerging technology funding applications involving a variety of feedstocks and processes.

Feasibility Study – Biomass Power Generation – Canada – Prepared comprehensive report for funding application including technology design, economic analysis, business plan, and engineering documentation for an 8 MW biomass power generation facility with biochar and liquid coproducts.

Feasibility Study – Biomass Power Generation – Laos – Project development services related to a stand-alone 1 MW biomass cogeneration power project using rice husk as primary fuel where steam and heat are provided to an associated textile dying facility. Included a feasibility study, fuel availability study, environmental and community impact assessment, grid connection study, preliminary design, PPA application, licensing & permitting, preparation of tender documents, contractor negotiations, construction inspection & supervision and commissioning & start-up supervision.

Feedstock Evaluation – Biomass – U.S. – Conducted a complete review of the fuel supply to a 100 MW biomass plant for a publically traded company.

Investment Due Diligence – Tire Pyrolysis – U.S. – Engaged by an investment firm to conduct a business and technology audit of a start-up tire pyrolysis venture for an IPO filing. Included review of the demonstration facility, operating conditions and data, pro forma, and related documentation.

Technology Vetting – Hydrothermal Carbonization – Europe – The scope of this study was a synthesis of the commercial status of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) ventures based on information available from the public literature, including company websites and trade/industry publications. The report contained embedded hyperlinks to major references and company websites using or developing HTC processes. In addition, estimates of the commercial status of each venture was included.  The best-in-class ventures were contacted to request further information, each venture was analyzed, and recommendations made to the client.

Feasibility Study – Anaerobic Digestion – U.S. – Assisted developer to utilize brewery by-products in a proprietary anaerobic digester system to produce biogas to fuel brewery process boilers and a CHP unit for electrical energy to the grid and additional process heat, while substantially reducing the effluent BOD5 and related discharge fees.