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Fischer Trosphe Expert

What does a Fischer Trosphe expert do?   The Fischer–Tropsch process (or Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis or FT) is a set of chemical reactions converts a mixture of carbon monoxide gas and hydrogen gas into liquid hydrocarbons (like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel).   It is highly feedstock flexible and makes it possible to prepare high-quality drop-in fuels, high-value wax, and alcohols from any material that can be combusted under the proper conditions to yield high levels of carbon monoxide.   The technology was invented in the 1920’s and was used by Germany to produce fuel from coal, tar and waste products during WWII.   Until recently the process was only considered economical at large scale.  There have been continued developments aimed at improving the FT process, and recently many groups are developing integrating smaller scale reactors into processes for converting biomass and wastes.  FT process are often associated with biogas conversion and gasification process.

 Fischer Trosphe expert consultant is someone who has a background, education, and experience in this area. They have participated in active research and development programs and can evaluate proposed technology in the context of recent advances and past limitations.    Often they are called upon by investors trying to conduct due diligence on a project.  They may assist in selecting the right catalyst, technology, and equipment for a particular project, help in the oversight of building an FT plant.  They might assist a plant owner in ensuring that the plant runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible and meets its design specification.  In matters involving related litigation, the FT consultant may serve as an expert witness to and assist the attorneys with better understanding the exact issues involved and may testify in court about the FT related matters.

 At Lee Enterprises Consulting, we have a number of highly qualified experts with experience with FT processes available to assist you.  Feel free to call or email us for more information.