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Our ethanol experts are a world class group and ethanol consulting is a vital part of our business. Our knowledge base includes a variety of feedstocks including corn, sorghum, sugar cane, barley, and cellulose biomass.  The Ethanol Division of Lee Enterprises consists of leading business, financial, commercial, engineering and other technical experts in first and second generation biofuels. Our services include all aspects of this industry, including process optimization, technology retrofits, audits, due diligence and appraisals, RINS, government assistance and grants, quality assurance, regulatory and compliance, project management, and plant design and fabrication.  Strategic relationships are maintained with the top biofuels law firms, accounting groups, design engineering, and fabrication facilities worldwide. Our experiences range from project conceptualization, leadership through process and/or project engineering, commercial strategy including program or project management for ethanol production and acting as “Owner’s Engineer” or “Owner Project Manager”. We have team members that can serve interim assignments for senior management or support M&A integration. We are an expert oriented network with the leadership and a multifunctional team to support scale-up, demonstration, and commercialization supporting business growth.