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Our network of water treatment experts collaborate on client projects to deliver a valuable solution or advice. Below is a short list of our typical water treatment engagements.  Click here for a complete list of all our services.

Integrated water treatment:  Solutions integrated into biomass conversion processes including ethanol and biodiesel production, oil separations, industrial and chemical fermentations, anaerobic and aerobic waste digestion, waste to power process, pyrolysis and other chemical processes. Evaluation and introduction of newer technologies for a comprehensive solution.

Biosynthetic processess: Familiarity with biosynthetic processes and the design of process water requirements required to sustain populations of sensitive strains required to produce renewable products.

Project management:  Experience dealing with brown field as well as green field plant constructions and permitting and managing local regulator issues.

Independent Evaluations and Recommendations:  Scientific and engineering expertise that allows selection of the best approaches from the over 100 known methods for processing aqueous waste streams including water recycle

Extracting value from aqueous streams;  Experience with the extracting value from aqueous streams by improved product recovery, or insitu conversion of effluent components. Experience generating power and chemicals from carbon remaining in the water by biological or chemical means.

Membrane technologies:  Practical application of membrane technologies to streams containing nano-contaminants that other are less efficient in removal. Processes may involve upstream process water treatment, effluent water treatment, or recycle streams.

Removal of organic metallics:  Removal or recovery of compounds that are resistant to traditional ion exchange and other technologies.

Comprehensive water management:  Experience in the design of economical processes for producing water that can be recycled for use in the process as well as polished to produce valuable potable water.



Grant Proposals – U.S. Evaluated DOE grant proposals involving extraction of valuable products from aqueous product streams from fermentation processes utilizing a variety of techniques including membrane technologies.

Technology Development– U.S.Conversion of small organic molecules in waste water to useful extractable products.

Technology Vetting – U.S.Evaluated the use of forward osmotic technology for industrial waste water purification including the testing of new membrane materials

Technology Development – U.S.Designed a process for recovering heat and oil, and producing pure potable water from snack chip manufacturing vent gas.

Technology Vetting – U.S. Evaluated technologies for removing fluorine and other anions from drinking water both at the point of use and at centralized locations.

Technology Development – U.S. Developed membrane process for removing nano sized impurities from process water from pyrolysis products.

Process Development – U.S. Developed a process for recovering acids and phenols from bio pyrolysis products using extraction.

Technology Vetting – U.S. Evaluated capacitive deionization as a method for removing cations and anions from water.

Technology Development – U.S. – Designed a novel reactor system for a UV-catalytic hybrid reactor to pasteurize waste water and food products.

Technology Development – U.S. – Extraction of useful metals from natural and industrial brine solutions.

Technology Development – U.S. Azeotropic distillation as a method for extracting useful chemicals from pyrolysis process streams.

Regulatory Issues– U.S. Developed polishing methods that allow treatment of waste waters by existing municipal waste water treatment facilities.