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Expert Witness Evaluation and Testimony – Worldwide – Many of our experts have evaluated matters within their specialty and testified as expert witnesses on a wide variety of biomass and bioenergy projects.

Feasibility Study – Anaerobic Digestion – U.S. – Assisted developer to utilize brewery by-products in a proprietary anaerobic digester system to produce biogas to fuel brewery process boilers and to fuel a CHP unit for electrical energy to the grid and additional process heat, while substantially reducing the effluent BOD5 and related discharge fees.

Feasibility Study – Anaerobic Digestion – U.S. – Assisted local Municipality and Electrical Utility to consider a PPP to upgrade existing conventional WWTF anaerobic digesters to accept organic feedstocks, biosolids and septage. This will significantly increase the solids handling capacity of the WWTF while providing all of their electrical and thermal energy needs as well as BioCNG for their entire fleet.

Feasibility Study – Anaerobic Digestion – U.S. – Feasibility study to add an anaerobic digester to accept cow manure from two dairy farms and to produce biogas to fuel a CHP with electrical energy to the grid and thermal energy for the farm structures. The resulting digestate will be separated to provide animal bedding and organic fertilizer for the farm. A portion of the separated liquid will be utilized to grow specialized algae to produce bio-diesel and bio-jet fuel.

Feasibility Study – Anaerobic Digestion – U.S. – Feasibility Study to consider new Anaerobic Digester system utilizing municipal wastewater biosolids and septage, plus food waste and other organics to produce biogas with a CHP to provide all electrical energy and thermal energy (process heat) for the entire WWTF facility and with gas conditioning to provide BioCNG for their entire municipal fleet.

Feasibility Study – Anaerobic Digestion & Pyrolysis – U.S. –   Feasibility study to consider multiple organic waste streams including pre-consumer and post-consumer food waste, source-separated organics (SSO), fats-oils-grease (FOG), animal wastes, human wastewater biosolids, septage and yard waste. Outputs and by-products include Bio Methane or BioCNG, organic fertilizer and biochar.

Feasibility Study – Bioenergy & Biofuels –U.S. – Conducted a wide variety of feasibility studies, grant searches and grant applications, including Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), and Rural Development Grants and U.S.D.A. feasibility studies many types of alternative fuels and biomass companies.

Technology Development – Biofuels – Worldwide – A novel research and development concept has been developed to optimize the development of new materials and technologies by analyzing and changing the materials system state to develop new technologies and materials with desirable properties and accelerate the innovation implementation in variety industrial sectors (e.g. CleanTech, materials processing).

Technology Development – Biomass Energy Balance Modeling – U.S. & Canada – Process and Mass & Energy Balance Modelling are critical in understanding, development, and optimization of the biomass/waste conversion into clean energy products. Process and Mass & Energy Balance Modelling has been developed and applied for variety biomass/waste conversion and scrubbing/cleaning systems processes.

Technology Development – Scrubbing & Cleaning Systems – Canada – investigated variety alloys and composite materials considering economic factors and harsh conditions (e.g. high temperature, mechanical stress, and acid gases) during waste-to-energy processing to optimize the materials selections for processing reactors and scrubbing/cleaning system.

Technology Development – Scrubbing & Cleaning Systems – Canada – The Biomass/Waste-to-Energy technologies produce pollutants (e.g. tar, acid gases, ammonia, dioxins, furans, heavy metals, and particulate matter). Therefore, effective scrubbing/ cleaning systems have been researched and developed to remove contaminants from the usable fuel products in order to produce clean renewable energy and protect air, water, and land.

Technology Development & Marketing – Biofuels – Worldwide – Managed a $20 million effort to design, develop and patent various alternative fuels and fuel additives within the biofuels and fossil fuels industry. Designed a marketing strategy for the demonstration and market introduction of the alternative fuel formulations and additive packages both in the United State and in Europe and Asia. Managed the intellectual property through developing a patents and trade secrets based strategy. Lead the R&D team for the laboratory research and product development efforts under the project. Supported raising capital to support all phases of the program.

Technology Vetting – Biofuels – Worldwide – Science and technology assessments and technical due diligence have been provided to optimize the development of new materials and technologies and improve business by saving money and time. Technical due diligence done (including IP/ patent assessment) before investments.