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Click here for our white paper, “Financing Bioeconomy Ventures”

Our corporate finance and transaction services are a vital part of our business.  The Corporate Finance/Transaction Services Division of Lee Enterprises Consulting can help you evaluate your renewable fuel, renewable chemical or emerging biotechnology investment opportunities at any stage, from start-up to commercialization as well as acquisition or merger planning and integration. We can fulfill requirements at any level, from a quick screening pro forma review to in-depth, on-site investigations for investment, lending, M&A and JV decision support.

Lee Enterprises Consulting provides development services to entrepreneurs and others seeking to bring new technologies to commercial success. We can help you prioritize your efforts to present the best opportunity for potential investors.

Below a just a few of the services we provides to this sector.  (Click here for a complete list of services we provide).


Due Diligence

Pro Forma Reviews

Merger & Acquisition Support

Feasibility Studies


Asset Management & Disposal

Market Assessment

DOE Merit Reviews