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Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS)

What do renewable fuels standards expert or renewable fuels standards consultants do?   Congress created the renewable fuel standard (RFS) program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand the nation’s renewable fuels sector while reducing reliance on imported oil. This program was authorized under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (RFS) and expanded under the Energy […]

Technical Due Diligence

What does a renewable fuels or renewable chemicals technical due diligence expert do?    Technical due diligence (DD) is a comprehensive appraisal of a biomass process undertaken by a prospective manufacturer or investor, to establish its technical viability and evaluate its commercial potential.   The process may be an existing bio process, or it may be a […]

Water Treatment Expert

What does a water treatment expert or water treatment consultant do?  First, let define the term.  The short version of water treatment  technology is that which uses kinetic energy (not thermal energy) to convert water to vapor form via mechanical means.  The energy usage by using this system is far less than that of conventional […]

Due Diligence

What does a renewable fuels or renewable chemicals due diligence expert do?    Due diligence (DD) is a comprehensive appraisal of a plant undertaken by a prospective buyer, to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.   The asset may be an existing bio processing facility or power plant, or it may be a […]

Sustainable Aviation Fuels Expert

What do sustainable aviation fuels experts, also known as renewable jet fuel experts, aviation fuels consultants do?   Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is the name given to advanced biofuels that are used in jet aircraft and are certified as being sustainable by an independent third-party.  These types of fuels are considered to be the primary means by which the […]

Biogas Expert

What is biogas?  Biogas is a renewable energy source that is produced by anaerobic digestion, where anaerobic organisms breakdown the organic materials, or by the fermentation of biodegradable materials. Biogas can refer to any of a wide range of gases produced from biological sources including municipal wastewater sludge, animal manures, agricultural wastes, food waste or […]

Ethanol Expert

What do ethanol experts or ethanol consultants do?   Ethanol, also called alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and drinking alcohol, is a simple alcohol produced by the fermentation of sugars with yeast, or by a petrochemical process.  Ethanol is most commonly consumed as a drinking alcohol, but it also has medical applications such as antiseptics or disinfectants. It is also used […]

Agitation Expert

What does an agitation expert or agitation consultant do? Very simply, the agitation expert consults with clients on the design and application of agitation systems. This may include calculating power, shaft speed and impeller systems for any given application. Agitation consulting may also include the designing of experiments to ascertain the exact agitation required, and […]

Hydrothermal Carbonization

Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC), a process that is capable of converting organic matter into carbon-rich substances in the presence of water, at temperatures of about 190–260°C. Consequently, this process is suitable for waste valorization, as high moisture content waste feedstocks such as agricultural residues, animal litter and sewage can be converted into value-added products like catalysts, activated […]