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Enzyme Expert

What does an enzyme expert do?  First, an enzyme expert has degrees and experience in enzyme biochemistry.  An understanding of process engineering is also beneficial.  Since enzymes catalyze a wide range of reactions, it is first important that this expert understands not only what makes enzymes work best, but also what destroys enzymes.  This expert […]

Biomass IP Expert

What does a biomass intellectual property expert or biomass IP consultant do?  First, let’s define what we mean by intellectual property in the bioeconomy.   As research continues to advance, individuals and companies worldwide continue to seek new methods of converting biomass into fuels and chemicals.   As companies seek funding, they are continually faced with ensuring […]

Bioenergy Expert

What does a bioenergy expert or bioenergy consultant do? First, let’s define bioenergy.   By definition, bioenergy is the energy extracted from biomass as it is used as a fuel.  So, in a narrow sense, we think of bioenergy as biofuels – fuels derived from biological sources.  In a broader sense, bioenergy includes the biomass, or […]

Cellulosic Ethanol Expert

What do cellulosic ethanol experts or consultants do?  Unlike ethanol, which is produced by the fermentation of sugars with yeast, or by some petrochemical process, cellulosic ethanol is an ethyl alcohol produced from cellulose (i.e. the stringy fiber of a plant), as opposed to the plant’s seeds or fruit.  Cellulosic ethanol is a biofuel produced from grasses, wood, algae, or other plants.  Unlike ethanol, however, these […]

Nutraceutical Consultant

What does a nutraceutical consultant or expert do? The term “nutraceutical” is used to describe these medicinally or nutritionally functional foods. Nutraceuticals, also called medical foods, phytochemicals, functional foods and nutritional supplements, include such everyday products as “bio” yoghurts and fortified breakfast cereals, as well as vitamins, herbal remedies and even genetically modified foods and supplements.  […]

Plastic Waste Experts

What do plastic waste experts or consultants do?  Plastic is one of the most widely used and cheapest materials in the world today. Almost everything is either made from plastic or wrapped in plastic. We use around 5 trillion plastic bags a year worldwide!  The US alone throws away enough plastic bottles in a week […]

Waste to Energy Expert

What do waste to energy experts do? Waste to Energy area includes a variety of technologies consisting of several different thermochemical or biological methods of generating energy from waste materials. Popular commercial applications include combustion and anaerobic digestion for processing the municipal solid waste, livestock manure and food waste at the municipal, farms and industrial scales. […]

Agricultural Biogas Expert

Biogas experts often work with dairy farms and livestock operations that are interested in adding other technologies to produce renewable energy as a supplement to their current business.  In these operations, animal manure is collected, added to other organic materials and is processed through an anaerobic digester, with the resulting biogas being utilized to produce […]