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Business Case for Compliance, Safety and Loss Control

Many company owners/managers have the perception that “things happen, and we just have to take our knocks and hope we come out ok.” Although this is often true, there are significant financial impacts in not placing resources in environmental compliance, safety & health and loss control. The costs of non-compliance can be devastating. Environmental citations […]

Appraisal or Valuation Consulting

There are many situations when a full USPAP-compliant equipment appraisal might not be needed.  Particularly if the need is internal to the company, a valuation consulting assignment might be appropriate.  Examples include updating asset lists for insurance purposes or accounting purposes.  Simply updating asset lists due to growth or changes in the operation and emphasizing […]

What Makes Lee Enterprises Consulting Different?

We are the largest alternative and renewable fuels consulting group in the world.  But, more importantly, we have a very unique combination of industry experience and expertise that allows us to deliver proven results. Each of our consultants was selected for inclusion in the group.  Each has outstanding credentials.  Each is a recognized expert in […]

An Interview with Lee Enterprises Consulting’s CEO

An interview with Lee Enterprise Consulting: An Alternative Energy Knowledge Center Have a question about renewable energy? Then look no further than Lee Enterprises Consulting based in Sherwood, Arkansas and your go-to guy, Wayne Lee. Lee has been a consultant for nearly 30 years and about a decade ago, began expanding his expertise into biofuels […]