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Our biomass power experts are a world class group and biomass power consulting is a vital part of our business.   The Biomass Power Division of Lee Enterprises Consulting consists of leading business, financial, engineering and other experts in biomass power generation.  Biomass power refers to the process of generating electricity (with or without usable byproducts) from organic material using a number of thermal conversion processes.  This renewable energy has the benefits of high capacity factor, ability to be dispatched and low variability of seasonal plant output which makes it an ideal complement to renewables such as small hydro, wind and solar.   Most biomass power plants utilize feedstock from forest or agricultural residues, waste streams from municipal solid waste, or biosolids from sewage treatment.  The electricity generated is typically considered carbon neutral because of the renewable nature of the feedstock and often has the incremental benefit of producing energy from a waste stream which can assimilate the costs associated with disposal or treatment.  Steam, Organic Rankine Cycle and Gasification are three processes that are commonly used for biomass power generation depending on the characteristics and availability of the feedstock, operating requirements and plant capacity.  Our BIOMASS CONSULTING – together with all our renewable energy consulting, alternative fuels consulting, bioenergy consulting, and renewable chemicals consulting – is done by the top experts in the world.