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Biogas Consultant

What does a biogas consultant or biogas expert do?  Biogas is a naturally occurring mixture of gases consisting mostly of methane and carbon dioxide and is produced from the decay of organic matter.  The production of biogas by commercial means is performed in landfills (landfill gas), anaerobic (without oxygen) and aerobic (with oxygen) digesters, covered and uncovered lagoons and in composting piles.  In anaerobic, some aerobic and lagoon digesters the biogas is captured and used as a renewable energy or renewable fuels resource.  It is important to capture the biogas from decaying organic waste as biogas is a significant contributor to greenhouse gasses containing carbon dioxide and methane which is 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

A biogas consultant or expert is a consultant with significant experience and education in the production and utilization of biogas with a deep knowledge of aerobic and anaerobic digesters, organic feedstocks or biomasses that can be used to produce biogas, methods and technologies to produce and utilize the biogas as a renewable energy or renewable fuels.  Typically, education includes a degree or background in civil or environmental engineering, biology, or related engineering and science fields.

A biogas consultant or expert can provide feedstock analysis and sourcing, assist in the design and selection of technology to produce or use the biogas as a renewable energy or fuel, perform due diligence studies of project sites, projects, and provide expertise in the design, construction, commissioning and operations of biogas production plants.  A biogas consultant will also have expertise in various anaerobic digestion technologies and biogas treatment technologies. (See also Anaerobic Digestion Expert and Renewable Natural Gas Consultant or Expert.)

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