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Bio-coal Expert

What does a bio-coal (biocoal) expert or consultant do?  First, let’s define “bio-coal” which is simply another word for torrefied wood.   In the field of renewables, fuels made from woody biomass are an excellent adjunct in the boilers of the thermal coal fired power plants worldwide.  This is especially true when considering the enormous pressure on these plants’ to reduce emissions.  This woody biomass is normally either wood chips, wood pellets or bio-coal.  The key advantage to bio-coal is its ability to be used with little or no modification required.

A bio-coal expert or bio-coal consultant is someone who has a background, education and experience in this area.  These experts will have a good command of the technological development, experience to help overcome technological and economical challenges in project development and will typically also have experience with biomass feedstock selection, handling and eventually necessary pre-treatment.

Technologies to produce bio-coal exist worldwide.   Biocoal expert are often called upon to assist in selecting the right equipment for a particular project, of help in the oversight of building of a plant.  They are also used by investors conducting due diligence on project or technology.  In matters involving coal related litigation, the biocoal consultant may serve as an expert witness assisting the attorneys with a better understanding the exact issues involved, and they may testify in court about the coal related matters.

At Lee Enterprises Consulting, we have a number of highly qualified bio-coal and torrefaction experts available to assist you with any related matter.  Feel free to call or email us for more information.